The vineyards
A privileged terroir of chalky hillsides

Ninety hectares of unique Charente vineyards. A deliberate and judicious choice of 9 grape varieties set the Chateau de Beaulon vineyards apart. Contrary to modern trends, Beaulon has remained faithful to the region’s traditional 16th century vine stocks : Folle Blanche, Colombard and Montils for Cognac ; Sémillons, Sauvignon for white pineau ; Cabernets Franc/Sauvignon and Merlots for red pineau.
In the cellars a winning combination of ancestral know-how and the very latest in modern technology.

The distillery
A rare glimpse inside the secret world of Alchemy

Distillation with light lees in 4 small volume pot stills, hand crafted in copper with the distinctively shaped swan’s necks and still heads. Their low volume increases the aromas and concentrates the fruity and floral characteristics of the wine by extracting the quintessence.

The Cellars
Mysterious and fascinating

Five traditional ageing cellars jealousy guard the prestigious Beaulon Cognac and Pineau behind their thick stone walls. More than thirty years, harvests lie quietly maturing in small oak barrels over many decades. The cellars are to be found at Lorignac, their roofs blackened by the ‘Torula’ fungus make them and their vocation easily distinguishable.
Inside the ‘blond’ barrels are stacked vertically above a beaten earth floor, the latter favours evaporation of the ethers. This evaporation is poetically known as ‘the angel’s share’, it concentrates the aromas and enriches the wonderful fragrances of Beaulon’s Cognac and Pineau.
The Paradise cellar is where the oldest and most precious ‘eaux de vie’ are stored, a heritage that bears witness to all those men and women whose passion and know-how have gone before.