The pineau range

Enter into the world of the gourmet
At its birth in 1689 it was a celebrated festive wine, today it is often taken as an aperitif. However limiting it to an aperitif is to underestimate the treasures it conceals. Let’s discover its versatility together with the magical facets of Chateau de Beaulon.

At Beaulon the Pineau des Charentes is easily distinguishable by the complex fruitiness of the noble Bordeaux grape varieties : Semillon/Sauvignon for the white ; Cabernets Franc/Sauvignon and Merlot for the red, combined with the fragrances of old cognacs and further magnified by the ageing in oak. A delectable discovery of the wonderful harmony of 5 grape varieties.

Present them at your table with the most refined dishes and the ‘Vieilles Reserves’ will add another delectable dimension. Served in the appropriate glass, it will enhance the natural shimmer of their robe and the delights of their complex aromas.